Clinic: East Tower, Suite 601, Level 6 / 9-13 Bronte Road Bondi Junction
Clinic: The Trust Building, Suite 408 / 155 King Street Sydney

General Counselling

I enjoy working with a broad range of issues / concerns which may include health, life, sports, business and sexual health being my speciality.

Due to my training and experience over the years, I see clients for a variety of concerns. So if you are coming in for a sexual concern, we are able to work with other issues that might be a problem for you and able to resolve these as part of the process.

An example might be stress and anxiety with regards to a sexual issue but the individual may also have an issue with substances such as alcohol, smoking, cocaine or even habits like skin picking, trichotillomania (hair pulling), phobias, anger or even problems sleeping. In this example, the underlying for all of these could potentially be stress and anxiety so we are able to work with the presenting sexual issue and indirectly with the other concerns as a result of stress.

We are able to use a combination of sex therapy, counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and nlp depending on the issue. If you would like any further information – please visit my practice website: or please contact me directly.

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