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Internet Sexual Addiction

What is Internet Sexual Addiction?

Generally, an Internet Sex Addict can spend a significant amount of time in chat rooms and instant messaging with the intent of getting sex. The individual can also be preoccupied with thoughts of being online to find sexual partners, being able to find likeminded individuals to discuss sexual fantasies, masturbating whilst engaging in online chats and is preoccupied with and obsesses about the next opportunity to engage in online sex.

An Internet Sex Addict may move on from cybersex to phone sex and/or to face-to-face meetings. Addicts generally will hide their online behavior and chat sessions from others and obsessively seek out internet porn sites. Internet Sex Addicts can experience feelings of guilt, shame, a decreasing interest in their primary partner (if in a relationship), low self esteem, distorted body image and even have a lifelong or secondary untreated sexual dysfunction. Internet Sex Addicts may also engage in risky behaviours at work i.e. in viewing porn where many companies have strict policies for viewing porn on site and potentially being dismissed from their current role or potentially experience legal issues due to the nature of what has been viewed.


There is a lot we can do in session to help you get back on track and feel more in control and form healthier behaviours. All cases are unique and in session we will be able to diagnose your severity and work accordingly. We will put together a plan based on your case history, symptoms, underlying causes, concerns as an individual and also work towards your specific goals. You will be given specific exercises and tasks to do at home - this will complement our work and potentially allow you to experience positive results and/or relief from behaviours sooner.

Therapy will include sex therapy and counselling. If you are interested in hypnotherapy and nlp as part of the therapy process, please visit my practice website for more detailed information:

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