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Relationship Counselling

Relationship counseling is able to assist couples at any point in their relationship. Whether a couple has been together for 12 months or 30 years, counselling can assist in getting a relationship back on track. Relationship issues can lead to strong negative emotions such as anger, hurt and resentment, loss of sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, avoidance, trust issues, depression, unhappiness and feelings of inadequacy, just to name a few.

In cases where sex and intimacy have disappeared, passing time can erode your ability to approach your partner for any form of intimacy or closeness (kissing and cuddling included) thereby driving a wedge further between you and becoming more distant and disconnected day by day.

Common concerns that lead couples to seek counselling can include (but are not limited to) parties becoming complacent and not knowing where or how to start again, reestablishing respectful and effective communication (including listening), reconnecting, rebuilding intimacy and bringing sex back, injecting fun back into the relationship, moving on from infidelity, getting needs met and feeling emotionally nourished.

So just like the cartoon - whether it is swimming, reconnecting with your significant other, sex, intimacy, playing golf or even creating a healthier work / life / kids/ relationship balance, counselling can assist in helping you to achieve this goal by juggling these things effectively.

Lastly, some couples even attend counselling to dissolve their current relationship. I work with both parties in session and we are able to find resolutions, bring understanding and reconciliation to past hurts (if required) whilst allowing both parties to develop confidence, and feel happy and secure within themselves in being able to move on in their lives in separate directions.

Cartoon used with permission from the artist: Kerry Millard.

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